About MWA

About MWA

We listen to what our clients say, educate them and help them weigh-off the multitude of options, factoring aesthetics, function, environment, long-term vs short-term costs, marketability, flexibility, and user satisfaction through the ages. We create a synthesis of concepts generated by our clients and ideas garnered from careful consideration of the potential. Our goal for any project is responsibility to the community, the environment, the user, and the soul.

While most of our projects are snow country designs for Truckee and Lake Tahoe, many of our satisfied clients commission us to do additional projects around the world including Montana, Wyoming, Colorado, Washington, Oregon, Baja, and throughout California and Nevada. Our staff currently holds Architecture licenses in California, Nevada, Idaho, and Washington, and Engineering licenses in California, Colorado, Nevada, and Utah.

The majority of our commissions have been for high-end residential projects. We have also designed commercial buildings and centers, restaurants, multi-family housing, starter homes, industrial facilities, airport facilities, mixed-use projects, and remodels.

Our goal is to build strong relationships between the owner, builder and architect. We understand that architecture is much more than just pretty pictures. We develop builder friendly plans to ensure our client's vision is clearly delivered to the people building it.

MWA, Inc is a nuts and bolts firm with artistic talent and a strong understanding of how to create enriching places for happy people

Our custom built home is over 20 years old and needed a "refresh". The house is quite unique with few 90 degree walls, has an interesting architectural perspective, but with rooms that were just off-purpose. We wanted to move the house into the 21st century!

Kristi Thompson was very creative and provided for us a vision that we could implement in pieces, over time, subject to travel schedule and dollars. We have just completed phase one
and are totally pleased with the outcome!

-- Marilyn D