MWA, Inc. is an award-winning firm located in beautiful Truckee, CA, near Lake Tahoe. Our engineering team is led by Principal Engineer Kevin Chappell, who is a licensed structural engineer in California and holds civil engineering licenses in Colorado, Nevada, and Utah. The engineering department works with our in-house architectural team as well as with outside architects and designers. Our projects range from high-end custom residential to commercial projects, including restaurants, office buildings, multi-family, mixed-use, and resort facilities. We also work directly with owners and prospective buyers to perform structural condition assessments, repair consulting and design, and forensic investigations.

When architectural and structural engineering services are offered by a single company, it creates a significant advantage for clients undertaking construction projects. This integrated approach offers several benefits:

o Enhanced Collaboration and Communication: Architects and structural engineers working under one roof fosters smoother communication and collaboration. Daily interaction allows for quicker design reviews, identification and resolution of conflicts early in the process, and better overall coordination throughout the project lifecycle.

o Streamlined Project Development: With constant communication, there's less back-and-forth between separate firms. This streamlined process allows for faster project development and avoids delays caused by misunderstandings or missed details.

o More Efficient Designs: Architects and engineers working together can explore creative solutions that consider both aesthetics and structural feasibility. This can lead to more efficient designs that optimize space, materials, and functionality.

o Reduced Costs and Risks: Early identification of potential issues through collaboration can help to avoid costly mistakes during construction. Additionally, integrated firms may be able to offer more competitive pricing due to streamlined operations.

o Improved Project Delivery: A single point of contact for both architectural and structural engineering aspects simplifies project management for the client and the contractor. This reduces the burden of managing multiple firms and ensures a more cohesive project delivery.

o Innovation and Creativity: When architects and engineers work together from the outset, there's more opportunity for innovative design solutions. The cross-pollination of ideas can lead to more sustainable, functional, and visually appealing structures.

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