The MWA, Inc. Architecture team is headed by Principal Architects, Kurt Reinkens and Kristi Thompson, each with 30+ years of experience in architecture. Including Kurt and Kristi we have five licensed Architects on staff with licenses in California, Nevada, Colorado, Idaho, and Washington. We provide exceptional custom services, vast experience, and happy clients.

What we provide our clients is a totally custom experience and results. We distinguish ourselves by creating functional, bright, and beautiful custom designs, specific to your lot and to your lifestyle. In our experience, were you to need to sell, our design appeal brings in more buyers, faster, at higher sales prices than lesser designs and our compensation is more than paid for in increased sales price and shorter holding times. Of course while you live in it, you will reap the benefits every day of well thought out 'good bones' that were designed just for you.

Our builder/team-friendly approach and in-house cohesive engineering distinguish us from the competition. Builders tell us all the time that they love working with us and how easy our plans are to follow and how responsive and flexible we are to their needs. This teamwork results in less stress and a better finished home for you.

We find that good communication—between the architect, consultants, builder, subs and the building owner during construction—can be the major difference between a successful project and a failure. If everybody is on the same page and willing to learn from and listen to each other, your chance of getting a high quality building increases exponentially.

Our plans and specifications incorporate decades of experience designing in snow country. Our work as expert witnesses has taught us many invaluable lessons in how best to detail construction assemblies. Our construction details and specifications, followed closely by your builder, will protect your investment for a long time to come.

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