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MWA Inc, brings creativity, experience and expertise to help navigate the often complicated and expensive planning & entitlement process unique to the Truckee and Tahoe areas. Understanding the small town politics and history of complex governing documents has proven valuable to many of our clients. We assemble teams of experienced and respected consultants as appropriate to garner success and value.

It is common to find land planners within civil engineering and landscape architecture firms with whom we often collaborate. Having the creative minds of the architects on the project early can offer an extra layer of perspective. Kurt Reinkens having been active in Truckee planning since 1987 and having served on the Town of Truckee Planning Commission, has gained valuable knowledge of the workings within Town Hall. The 30+ years of working within the Tahoe Basin on TRPA governed projects also has proven value. The experiences and insight have resulted in success with what were deemed controversial or complex projects.

The Sierra Business Council published “A Commercial and Mixed-Use Handbook” which includes the MWA project of (The Rock link) as a case study exemplifying a mixed-use neighborhood commercial project as a superior solution in the Sierra as compared to the traditional strip mall. A digital copy of the handbook can be requested online at: https://www.sierrabusiness.org/archives/a-commercial-and-mixed-use-handbook/

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Award winning commercial mixed-use project

The principal architects, Kurt and Kristi, are not only extremely talented in architecture and design, but pay strict attention to what it is that the clients wish in their home or commercial project. So often architects are not adaptable but these folks are.

They also make a genuine effort to stay within budget though that is so difficult to control with costs bouncing all over the place and clients changing their minds during construction.

For character and ability, I whole heartedly recommend MWA.

-- slangtrk