Karin Johnson
Architect / Project Manager / Designer

Karin was originally drawn to architecture for its seemingly broad scope in understanding systems and synergy at both a macro and micro level. She is fascinated by the interdependence of all relationships, behaviors, influences and motivations within the social, political, environmental and individual landscape and how these hinder, enhance or generally contribute towards an outcome. Ideologically, she identifies with and is inspired by the many writings of futurist, architect and inventor, Buckminster Fuller.

A natural seeker, Karin was born asking “why.” Beyond just challenging the status quo she sought deeper understanding of self, others and community. From a young age, she was particularly adept at creating spaces and projects using found, recycled and natural objects.
While studying architecture at Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo her favorite project was creating a clothing line out of seaweed, an exercise inspired by Andy Goldsworthy’s land art. In design, she appreciates solutions that are original, playful, innovative, resourceful and responsible.
When she is not voraciously reading (wanting to understand the complexities of the seen and unseen universe), working on creating a makerspace in Truckee, studying astrology and spending quality moments with her also very busy new husband and Shetland sheepdog, she ideally balances herself with mountain biking, hiking and skiing. She looks forward to carving out more time for making art and music.

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We had such a terrific experience with Kristi at MWA. Honestly, we can't say enough about her friendly personality, attention to detail and pride in her work. We saw MWA's advertisement in a magazine and simply called to make an appointment. Kristi came to our home for a casual interview and from there suggested a few builders that we might consider in the Tahoe Area. Kristi led us to our awesome builder, Heller Construction and from there it was cake. What began as a small remodel turned into a full on renovation down to the foundation. Kristi rolls with the punches and has an awesome team of engineers and office staff to make it all look seamless. Let me assure you, she's just the gal you want representing your project when the going gets tough! On time, on budget...happy clients that are forever grateful.

-- Jessica Coleman