Kevin Chappell
Principal Engineer and Structural Supervisor

Education: Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering, Texas Tech University
Master of Science in Structural Engineering, Texas Tech University

Registrations: Structural Engineer - California, Professional (Civil) Engineer - Colorado, Nevada, Utah

Experience: Over 20 years including 15+ years in the Truckee-Tahoe area.

Kevin’s responsibilities at MWA, Inc. include oversight of structural design as well as project management, standards, quality control, scheduling, and business development.

As a native Texan, Kevin grew up in the heat and wind. His graduate studies emphasized wind effects on structures and he worked for the Wind Engineering Research Center during his time at Texas Tech. Since moving to the Tahoe-area in 2005, Kevin has gained expertise in snow and seismic design. Kevin has a strong background in structural engineering analysis, design, and consulting in the residential, commercial, institutional, and hospitality sectors. He has a depth of knowledge in building design with a focus on high-end custom homes. Kevin’s designs are well thought-out, practical, and sustainable, and he strives for the structure to reflect an architectural aesthetic with detailed craftsmanship and contextual responsiveness. Kevin has extensive experience with conventional construction materials such as steel, concrete, masonry, and wood as well as less traditional materials and construction. He has designed structures throughout western North America from the Arctic Circle to Mexico, and his ability to consider and incorporate environmental interaction into his designs results in superior structural performance.

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Our custom built home is over 20 years old and needed a "refresh". The house is quite unique with few 90 degree walls, has an interesting architectural perspective, but with rooms that were just off-purpose. We wanted to move the house into the 21st century!

Kristi Thompson was very creative and provided for us a vision that we could implement in pieces, over time, subject to travel schedule and dollars. We have just completed phase one
and are totally pleased with the outcome!

Marilyn D