Rebecca "Becky" Thayer
Associate Project Manager/ Designer

Becky grew up in Wisconsin, and moved to Michigan as a young adult where she met her husband. After working as a baker for many years, it was time to pursue new opportunities. She worked as a realtor for a while; then decided to go back to school.

Becky earned an Associate of Architectural Technology from Madison Area Technical College in Madison, WI. After graduation, Becky worked as a Structural Steel Detailer. The projects she worked on included mostly medical clinics and hospitals, and a few factories.

A few years later she once again attended college and earned a Bachelor of Science in Architecture and Sustainability from Ferris State University in Big Rapids, MI. After graduating, Becky and her husband moved to California, where she joined MWA as a drafter.

Becky enjoys the simple things in life. She places great importance on friends and family, who she considers as one in the same. Her interests include adventures in and exploration of natural environments, nature photography, small-scale subsistence farming, hunting and fishing, foraging, art, music, and wine-making.

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In 2003, we decided to fulfill a shared life’s dream and build a house together. As a couple, we, like many, are similar and different. My husband is practical, traditional and focused. I am creative, more risk oriented and flexible. We sought architectural partners who could relate to and manage our differences, as well as guide us, since we were new to building.

We found our architects in Kurt Reinkens, Managing Partner and Kristi Thompson, Architect at MBA. They listened carefully to our ideas, our architectural style preferences and to our lifestyle needs. They guided us regarding realistic expectations for our project. Then, they jointly conceived of and designed the prototype of our dream home.

At that juncture, project leadership, plans, and working drawings fell to Kristi.
For the 18 months it took to build our home, she ably interfaced with our builder, countless subcontractors and other interior, and landscape designers. She was aware of her role, patient, responsive and strong. She listened when appropriate, kept us informed and guided, when appropriate. She impressed us with her quiet interpersonal strength and was kind and sensitive when the job (as building a house always does) took its toll on our nerves.

I particularly appreciated her kindness in helping me with the project during a year when we both lost our fathers find our teenage son posed some challenges. She also encouraged his involvement in the design of “his” spaces.

Kristi combines rare creativity and practical management skills. She knows when to lead and when to step back and listen. She is also a fine person.

She is very talented. We recommend her highly.

-- Tom and Cathy Van Berkem