Lake Wildwood Association Clubhouse

2018 CATT Award - New Commercial

The Lake Wildwood Clubhouse is a new 16,444 square-foot multi-use facility with approximately 4,300 square feet of covered terrace and deck. The new facility will provide a golfing pro-shop with repair services, a restaurant and bar, a meeting room, administrative offices, and a multi-purpose room for theatrical events and celebrations. The vision was for a fully integrated, updated, and attractive multi-use facility where all Lake Wildwood residents and their guests can easily access and enjoy a high quality indoor and outdoor experience. The clubhouse mission was to create a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere that combined flexible configurations and enables a wide variety of events, activities and entertainment, as well as being a desired destination for food and beverage services.

Location:Northern/ Central California
Architect:Kurt Reinkens - MWA, Inc.
Structural Engineer:Gabbart & Woods
Builder:Tintle, Inc. Construction, with Tru-Line Builders
Landscape Designer:Jo McProud and Associates
Interior Designer:MWA, Inc, Kurt Reinkens, and client
Photographer:Waking Crow Studios
Civil Engineer:Nelson Engineering
Mechanical & Energy Engineering:Melas Energy Engineering
Electrical Engineer:S.A. Engineering
Acoustical Engineering:J.C. Brennan and Associates
Kitchen Designer:Muller Design Inc.
Lighting Designer:Anna Kondolf Lighting Design
Owner's Project Manager:R&D Professionals, Inc.
Square Feet:16,444

I have had the pleasure of working with MWA Architects on numerous projects dating back to 1990. Not only have I built homes they designed for mutual clients but I have hired them to design several homes for my family as well as multiple successful speculative projects. They possess the knowledge and expertise required for me, as a custom home builder, to easily connect the dots and bring our clients dreams to reality. Their flexibility and creative approach results in homes that are admired by many and loved by those with the privilege of living in them.