Truckee-Tin Garage

2007 Mountain Home Awards - "Commercial" read article

The successful, award-winning adaptive reuse of transforming a garage into office and retail space. The building incorporates the original corrugated galvanized metal for siding and the structure’s original dimensions, even down to the pitch of the roof.

Metal garage doors were replaced with large windows, the old roof was replace with Cor-ten steel and the dirt floor updated to a slab. To create a commercially viable building, additional square footage was required, but had to be done within Truckee’s Historic requirements. MWA expanded the structure by burrowing into the adjacent slope and adding on a two-story, wood-sided annex. In the end, we were able to expand the original 1,900 SF to the new 4,190 SF across the two buildings. The finished product is a pleasing design that tenants also appreciate for its spaciousness and energy-saving orientation

Builder:Geney/Gassiot General Contractors
Landscape Designer:LJM Design Group
Architect:Mike Mason, MWA, Inc with Gerry Rodriguez
Square Feet:4,910

I've been remiss in not sending this note to you sooner. My office and family duties have been intense. That said, I am so please to take this time to reflect on my experiences working with you and your incredible team at MWA. Of course, you've heard me say a million times -- it's all about the attention to detail. That held true for the architecture for our home without a doubt. When it comes to interior design though...it's where we actually do our LIVING! Your skills in this area were exemplary for a number of reasons:

1) You worked so well with me -- a particularly detail oriented person -- with great aplomb. You composure, ideas, flare, responsiveness and follow-up were at the top of your profession;

2) Importantly, your record keeping, budget-tracking and related skills were essential to getting our home completed without a hitch;

3) There were no "stress point"! You possess and nearly unique ability to manage well under the pressure of not only me...but the contractor, vendors, journeymen and so many others that spoke volumes about your ability to DEAL WITH ALL SPORTS OF PERSONALITIES. There were a few of those -- huh?

My overarching comment about working with you Morgan was that, in the end, we created a legacy project TOGETHER. We are so pleased with our home in Tahoe and it would not have been the same if we hadn't worked with you.
Myers Development Company