Gray's Crossing-W103

This home has all the amenities and is finished with a clean modern look.

Location:Gray's Crossing
Style:Mountain Modern or Contemporary
Architect:Kristi Thompson - MWA, Inc.
Structural Engineer:MWA, Inc.
Builder:Mountain Life Construction
Photographer:Chris Beck

We hired MWA, specifically the team of Kurt and Kristi, to design our home in Truckee in mid-2010. They worked with us through design, contractor selection, and the construction process that ended in mid-2012. While the "gender-equality" of their team made them a comfortable choice for my wife and I, it was their design talent that truly set them a part. Additionally, as we went through the entire process, it was both their ability to listen to our thoughts and concerns, and their ability to read between the lines of our requests, that truly made the relationship so successful and special. If given a second chance, we would make the same choice in design professionals without a second's hesitation. Highly recommended.