Lake Tahoe-02

2021 - Tahoe Quarterly Mountain Home Awards

2020 - Contractor's Association of Truckee Tahoe (CATT) Award - New Residential

A mix of rustic and contemporary elements give the home a balance of old and new creating a luxury mountain home with a fresh approach to a timeless Tahoe design. This home is relaxed and includes design details to accommodate guests while offering an amazing Tahoe experience. Grouping the social spaces in the central core gives the home an easy and casual feel to meet the client’s goals and offer a large entertaining hub. The layout and design of the home accentuate the incredible lake views with a warm and inviting interior.

Location:Lake Tahoe
Architect:Kurt Reinkens - MWA, Inc.
Structural Engineer:MWA, Inc.
Builder:Heller Construction
Interior Designer:Alison Whittaker Design
Year Completed :2020
Square Feet:5,866 SF

At Spirit Interior Design, we have had the pleasure on numerous occasions to work with Kurt Reinkens and the team at MWA, Inc. Each time the collaboration has culminated in dynamic, successful projects that not only relay the creative talents of the architects, but are sensitive to the needs our clients. We have been thoroughly impressed in MWA’s ability to provide architectural services in a professional, timely fashion while always being mindful of the project budget. They possess the unique ability to skillfully facilitate and coordinate work between design team members, contractors, the building trades, consultants, and the end users.

MWA’s clear and concise communication skills and solid project administration have made our collaborations with their office smooth and efficient. Familiar with the politics and issues local to the Tahoe region, Kurt and his team have a proven track record in representing their clients’ interests in a variety of settings. Their team is motivated, well-organized, and possess the ability to move though issues as they arise, and simply “make things happen.” They appear at ease in a leadership role, frequently attaining the best work from their consultants, and understand that great design doesn’t happen in a vacuum. While one senses a certain amount of pride in their design skills, we have seen first-hand their ability to set aside personal ego, and work toward enhancing the team. I count this among their greatest assets.

Of course, a primary reason one hires an architect is to help make a building project a reality in the most creative, aesthetically appealing way possible. At this, MWA truly shines. Their experienced design staff is “top notch,” and is especially adept at creating spaces that are both energetic and harmonious while relating design elements and concepts to the existing environment and site conditions.

It is my opinion that if you choose to work with MWA, Inc., you will be virtually assured a successful project and, by way of getting there, a professional, quality service from one of the best design firms in the region.
Spirit Interior Design